Frequently Asked Questions

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No. Our services are completely free to you. We are paid a commission and/or fees that are already built into your insurance costs.

This is primarily paid by the insurance carrier.  All fees would be the same or less, than what you would pay if you did not use our services. This is guaranteed.

Please note that depending on the size of your company and its location, the agency’s commission may be a standard fixed rate regardless of which agency you use.

In most cases, we will be the agent or broker for your company’s insurance benefits. 

If there is a situation where we can’t deliver the level of local service you need, we will partner with a local agency to get you the service you deserve. 

No. You only need to fill out our agency assessment. Through our assessment process, we are able to determine what services and tools your team needs and deserve.

Our team scours the U.S. to find and vet potential agencies. We examine their staff, their level of experience, their commission and/or consulting fees. We take a look at the clients they currently service and many times interview some of those clients. We examine how they manage the back-end of the agency, ensuring that they have the capability to properly service new clients. We examine the technology, integrations and tools they offer to their clients ensuring they have everything in place to service their clients.

Most of the agencies we recommend our referred to us by industry leaders and experts with a proven track record. Agencies cannot pay Benefit Leader to be recommended, sponsored, or moved to the top of the list.

The agency assessment can be done in a short phone call with your team that oversees and manages your benefits.  

We work with every legitimate insurance carrier in the United States.

After our assessment, we can start managing your benefits the first of the following month. 

No. When switching between agencies or brokers, you can keep your benefits and insurance carriers exactly the same. Benefit Leader will comprehensively evaluate your benefits and determine if there is a better benefits solution. 

No. We will implement new programs and technologies as soon as possible, while delivering the level of service you deserve. In fact, we would prefer to become your agency partner before your Open Enrollment to properly evaluate your benefits and renewal. Sometimes it takes time to install new technologies and processes ensuring you have the smoothest and easiest Open Enrollment possible.

It is extremely easy! All we need is a letter from your company to the insurance carrier requesting Benefit Leader be named the “Broker of Record”. The change will generally go into effect the first of the following month.

Yes! We’ll reach out to your broker at your request and take care of any unpleasantries.


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Our services are completely free to you! 

As a broker, we are paid a fixed commission by the insurance company to manage your benefits. We believe current brokers are getting paid too much for too little work.

We never charge you more than what you are currently paying. This is guaranteed.