Stop the hassle of managing your company benefits and let us do the work for you!

Our team does everything your current broker does, plus a whole lot more without costing you any more money! Stop having your HR team manage the benefits when you can have our team do it for you!

Let Benefit Leader’s team answer your employee’s question and provide concierge-level service instead of paying your Human Resources staff to do it.

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How We Help Companies

Employee benefits are a major factor in acquiring and retaining key talent for any company in today’s marketplace. After payroll, benefits are one of the most expensive company expenses.

Unfortunately, choosing a health plan, enrolling employees, explaining the benefits, answering questions, and ongoing compliance is expensive and time consuming!

We take all of that work off your plate!

All at no cost to the company!

Our team is an extension of your HR department to manage the benefits package for your company.
Outsource the trouble of benefits management to us!

New Hire, Onboarding, Offboarding

Benefit Leader will be there to ensure all new hires are enrolled properly. We will answer your new team members’ questions and assist them in choosing the right plan for their needs as licensed professionals removing the employer liability. 

We make sure benefit enrollments are directly inputted into the carrier without your HR team lifting a finger and we guarantee 100% accuracy of all enrollments. We report all changes to your team every month. 

Benefit Leader will manage all employee qualifying life events and benefit changes, terminations, or additions throughout the year. 

Once our team is notified of an employee termination, we manage the termination process with the carrier and handle all compliance and COBRA concerns both on the state and federal level ensuring your company has no liability issues. 

HR Software (HRIS), Payroll, Technology Integration.

If you need to have a new system and process put in place or your system isn’t fully integrated, we are here to help. Many payroll and software vendors promise the highest level of integration but rarely fully deliver. 

Our Software Integration team will ensure that your system is fully working properly and will quarterback the process from start to finish for you.

We will either provide you with the software partners for an all-in-one solution handling all your payroll, benefits management, and compliance needs or we will put the integrations in place for you by adding the missing software pieces or simply get the system setup!  

Compliance, ACA, COBRA, Form 5500

Our team handles all your companies concerns with compliance and benefits. We actually do the work for you! All state, federal, ERISA, and COBRA requirement notices are provided for your team by us.

Benefit Leader ensures that all ACA form filings and requirements are completed on your behalf. From filing to the IRS to mailing forms out to participants, stop worrying about it and let us manage it for you! 

We don’t just tell you what needs to be done, we do it for you!

Manage All Employee Questions and Service Needs

Our team at Benefit Leader will be available for your employees to contact directly for any benefit questions they may have. 

From your employee’s first day of work we will be there to help them choose the right plan, answer questions about how their benefits, help with claims, or even get them a new ID card. Let your employees contact us instead your valuable HR staff, or worse trying to deal with the insurance company.

Stop doing the work we can do for you!

Use our experts to manage your company benefits, employee questions, processing and compliance! Take the risk and liability off your plate!

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As a broker, we are paid a fixed commission by the insurance company to manage your benefits. We believe current brokers are getting paid too much for too little work.

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