Our goal is to bring you great benefits, HR technology and compliance, while providing world class service to you and your employees!

What Makes us Different?

We partner with your staff to deliver the best experience possible. Find out exactly how we can do for you!

We perform a full assessment of your company’s:

• HR Platform
• Technology
• Benefits
• Employee Experience

• ERISA Compliance
• Onboarding/ Offboarding
• Employee Concierge
• Employee Education

• HR Platform
• Technology
• Benefits
• Payroll
• Employee Experience

• ERISA Compliance
• Onboarding/ Offboarding
• Employee Concierge
• Employee Education

We then deliver a detailed report of each area you can improve or optimize by having our team manage it for you.

Getting Started Is Easy!

How it works:

Step 1.  WE BECOME YOUR BROKER – Switching brokers is as easy as signing a letter requesting Benefit Leader as your new broker. 

Step 2.  KEEP YOUR SAME BENEFITS – You can keep your benefits as they are, unless they NEED to be changed. 

Step 3.  TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION – Our team will bring in our HR software, or use your existing systems. We fully manage the setup and ongoing changes, taking the work off your team’s plate. 

Step 4.  FULL BENEFITS MANAGEMENT – Our team will reach out to your staff introducing our selves as the new full-service concierge for any issues they may have. From on-boarding to compliance, we manage it all!

Confidential, No Obligation, No Cost Assessment

Our agency assessment process is 100% confidential and free. We never speak to your current broker or insurance company. We do not sell your information to other agencies or firms. After your assessment is complete, you choose if you would like us to be your broker or even refer you to one of our broker partners.

What benefit Leader does... and other brokers don't.

Technology and Integration

We provide all of our clients with a free benefits management system/HRIS with many integrations, like payroll and COBRA compliance. We don’t simply give you the integration capabilities, we actually make sure those integrations are set up for you!  

We know how frustrating and time consuming the integration process can be, which is why we do it for you. 

Employee Helpline and Assistance

We provide your employees with a concierge employee assistance line. Whether they are enrolling as a new hire for the first time or need help explaining their benefits before getting treatment, we are here to help.

Never answer another benefits question again! 

Let us take the work off your plate. Whether they need a copy of an ID card or help with a claim issue, they have access to call our in-house service department directly to get help.

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True Onboarding and Offboarding Management

We set up and manage everything you need to onboard your new employees. From benefit choices to all levels of compliance, it’s taken care of. When it is time for your company and an employee to part-ways, we handle all aspects of the benefit’s termination from carrier to COBRA processing. We guarantee accurate processing! 

Total Compliance Management

When it comes to benefits, our firm will take care of everything from COBRA, SBC’s, and Cafeteria Plans to ACA and Form 5500 filings for your company. 

Make worrying about benefits compliance a thing of the past! 

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"Your attention to detail and care for our company has always been above and beyond anyone else in the industry."

- CEO, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

"You guys promised a lot and I was surprised that you actually delivered on everything!"

- Director of HR, Elevate Addiction Services

"If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. I'd be happy to tell anyone how great you guys are."

- SVP Administration, Age of Learning(ABCmouse.com)



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Our services are completely free to you! 

As a broker, we are paid a fixed commission by the insurance company to manage your benefits. We believe current brokers are getting paid too much for too little work.

We never charge you more than what you are currently paying. This is guaranteed.