What Are Some Online HR Services?

Digital Human Resources Tools

The internet is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we sometimes see rampant misinformation and scams. On the other hand, there are extensive resources if we know where to look. Finding the right resources is the first essential step in appreciating what the internet has to offer to human resource professionals. What are some online HR services? We’ll give you some great places to start, and exploring these services can often lead to the discovery of others you can benefit from as well.

Professional Associations & Educational Resources

Are you a member of the Society for Human Resources Management? If so, you have access to substantial online HR services from sample documents to compliance resources. Members can download an employee handbook to customize for their workplaces or can access articles on topics like managing post-pandemic compensation and how to think about pay equity.

If you’re hoping to get access to some online HR services without paying for a SHRM membership, try www.hr.com. This website boasts the ability to access educational tools, collaborate with other HR professionals, and share your own content. Membership is free.

There are also more specialized resources like https://talentculture.com/ which is particularly focused on being an online HR service and resource for fostering a positive work environment and the type of company culture you want.

News Sites

It seems like every day there’s something new in the HR world. From the changing landscape of the workplace due to Covid-19, to new best practices and interpreting complex laws, keeping up with HR industry news can make your life easier. Some online HR services aggregate the most timely and relevant news stories for HR professionals. Try https://www.hrdive.com/ as a good starting point.

Recruiting Tools

Some online HR services include recruiting tools like job boards. You likely have your favorite sites where you can post for technical positions, business positions, or sales professionals. Did you know there are also job sites specific to hiring human resource workers? Sites like https://www.ihirehr.com/ and https://www.hrcrossing.com/ can help you narrow your focus and post in places that HR professionals are most likely to be looking.

Social Media

In addition to traditional websites, consider social media if you’re looking for online HR services. Social media channels, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, have substantial numbers of HR workers who post professional content. You can follow anyone from large HR agencies to individual HR leaders that you find useful. Besides following people or companies, consider looking at trending hashtags. For instance, #employeeengagement or #recruiting may be beneficial when you’re looking for inspiration; or consider #emplaw or #hrblog for some educational posts.

LinkedIn also has groups specific to HR professionals. For example, the group Linked: HR has almost a million members. You can also try Whole-Hearted Leadership or Human Resources (HR) and Talent Management Executives.

Don’t think of the internet as the opposite of the “human touch” that HR professionals are so good at. Instead, think of the internet as the potential for a world of resources you can access quickly and efficiently. Some online HR services can save you hours of work, whether you’re using a sample document as a starting point, picking a new benefits management company, posting a job, or networking with other HR professionals. Additionally, if you’re looking for an online resource to manage your benefits, contact Benefit Leader for more information.

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